Suggestions for offerings to Loki

Looking to make an offering to the mischievous deity Loki? Look no further than this magic forum discussion thread, where users are buzzing with suggestions. The original poster seeks guidance on what offerings would be most fitting for Loki, and the responses flow in with a delightful array of ideas. From sweets, candy, and chocolate to toys, folk music, and incense, the suggestions span a spectrum of possibilities.

Handmade baked goods, firecrackers, shiny objects, poems, stories, music, and even lighthearted pranks or jokes are all on the table. And just when you think you've heard it all, one user playfully suggests that Loki may have a taste for Mountain Dew as well. With such a rich tapestry of offerings to consider, it's clear that Loki is a deity who thrives in the unexpected.

Offerings to Loki

Loki, the mischievous and complex Norse deity, is known for his unpredictable nature and love for trickery. Offering him gifts can be a way to honor and connect with this fascinating god. In this article, we will explore various offerings that you can make to Loki to show your devotion and admiration.

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Sweets and Candy

Loki's fondness for all things sweet is well-known among his followers. Offering him an assortment of sweets and candy can be a delightful way to honor him. Choose a variety of treats such as chocolates, gummies, or hard candies, and present them in a decorative bowl as an offering. The sweetness of these treats symbolizes our appreciation for the sweetness Loki brings to our lives, even if it sometimes comes with a bit of mischief.


In addition to sweets and candy, Loki also has a particular affinity for chocolate. The rich and decadent flavors of chocolate can be reminiscent of Loki's ability to bring both pleasure and chaos. Consider offering him a selection of high-quality chocolates, such as truffles or artisanal bars. Whether you decide to indulge in them yourself or share them with others as part of a special ritual, chocolate can be a delectable and meaningful offering to Loki.

Suggestions for offerings to Loki

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Loki's childlike nature and playful spirit make toys an ideal offering to him. Choose toys that reflect his mischievous personality, such as small figurines of trickster characters or puzzles that require out-of-the-box thinking. By offering toys, you are acknowledging Loki's ability to bring joy and amusement into our lives. These playful offerings symbolize our willingness to embrace the unpredictable and enjoy life's surprises.

Folk Music

Music has always played an essential role in human connection and spirituality. Loki, being a lover of festivities and celebration, can be honored through the gift of folk music. Gather a collection of traditional, energetic tunes that resonate with Loki's playful nature and evoke a sense of merriment. Playing this music during rituals or simply enjoying it in your everyday life can be a beautiful offering to the god of trickery.

Suggestions for offerings to Loki


The scent of incense carries a profound mystical significance in many cultures and spiritual practices. Offering incense to Loki can serve as a means of inviting his presence and creating a sacred atmosphere. Opt for scents that capture Loki's enigmatic essence, such as cinnamon, patchouli, or lavender. Lighting incense during your rituals or meditation sessions can help establish a connection with Loki and enhance the spiritual experience.


Loki has a strong association with transformation, and wine can be a symbolic representation of this aspect of his character. Offering him a glass of wine can be seen as a gesture of sharing and communion with the divine. Choose a quality wine that you enjoy and pour a glass as an offering to Loki. As you savor the taste and aroma, contemplate the transformative aspects of Loki's influence in your life.

Suggestions for offerings to Loki

Strong Alcohol

In addition to wine, Loki has also been associated with stronger alcoholic beverages. The potency and unpredictable effects of strong alcohol mirror Loki's own nature. Consider offering him a small amount of spirits such as whiskey, vodka, or rum. This offering acknowledges Loki's ability to defy convention and blur the lines between order and chaos. Remember to consume alcohol responsibly and in moderation.

Handmade Baked Goods

Loki's affinity for mischief and his talent for crafting lies at the core of his character. Offering him handmade baked goods can be a heartfelt way to honor his skills and creativity. Create treats such as cookies or pastries, infusing them with the love and dedication that went into their preparation. Present these offerings on a special plate or dish, and savor the satisfaction of sharing your culinary creations with the trickster god.

Suggestions for offerings to Loki


In Norse mythology, fire embodies both creation and destruction, attributes that closely align with Loki's nature. Offering him firecrackers can be an exciting and visually stunning tribute to the god of mischief. Light the firecrackers in a safe and controlled manner, paying homage to Loki's chaotic yet transformative influence in the world. The crackling sounds and colorful explosions will captivate the senses and make for a memorable offering.

Shiny Objects

As a lover of all things shiny and visually captivating, Loki can find delight in a multitude of glittering objects. Offer him small trinkets or shiny stones that catch the light. These offerings symbolize our desire to bring some sparkle into Loki's life while acknowledging his ability to find beauty and fascination even in the most unexpected places. Let your creativity shine as you select or craft these shiny offerings for Loki.

Suggestions for offerings to Loki

Poems and Stories

Loki, being a master of words and stories, has a deep appreciation for literature and spoken word. Offer him poems and stories that honor his tales and legends. You can write your own compositions inspired by Loki's misadventures or share existing stories that highlight his cunning and wit. As you recite these words, you are paying homage to Loki's enduring presence in mythology and inviting his energy into your life.


Music has the power to transcend language barriers and touch the deepest parts of our souls. Offering Loki music, whether through live performances, recordings, or playing an instrument yourself, can be a powerful way to connect with him. Choose music that reflects his multifaceted nature, from classical compositions to modern experimental pieces. By immersing yourself in this sonic tribute, you are creating a sonic pathway to Loki's realm.

Symbolic Items

Loki is associated with several mythological figures, such as his children Fenrir, Hel, and Jormungandr. Offering symbolic items representing these characters can be a way to honor Loki indirectly. For example, you could offer a small toy wolf to represent Fenrir, a serpent-shaped pendant for Jormungandr, or a skull figurine for Hel. These offerings serve as a reminder of Loki's family and his deep connection to the Norse pantheon.

Lighthearted Pranks or Jokes

As the god of trickery, Loki enjoys a good prank or joke. Offering lighthearted pranks or humorous anecdotes can be a way to connect with his mischievous nature. Share a funny story or play a harmless prank that will bring a smile to someone's face. By embracing the light-heartedness and joy that Loki embodies, you are honoring his presence in your life and embracing the unpredictable nature of the world.

Mountain Dew

Lastly, one user in the discussion thread mentioned that Loki may enjoy Mountain Dew as well. While the reasons behind this particular offering may be unclear, it serves as a reminder that offerings don't always have to be steeped in symbolism or tradition. Sometimes, offering something unexpected can be a unique and personal way to connect with a deity. If you feel a connection between Loki and Mountain Dew, offering him a can or bottle of this popular beverage can be a testament to your individual relationship with him.

In conclusion, offering gifts to Loki is a way to honor and connect with one of the most fascinating deities in Norse mythology. The offerings can range from sweets, toys, and chocolates to folk music, incense, and wine. Each offering carries a symbolic meaning or reflects Loki's nature in some way. Whether you choose traditional offerings or opt for something more personal, the act of making an offering is a gesture of devotion and an invitation for Loki's presence in your life. Explore these offerings and let your creativity guide you in establishing a deep connection with the trickster god.

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