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Spells and the Unwritten Laws Surrounding Them

It is with the hands of the powerful spell caster whether he or she would execute good or bad spells. However a person may want the caster to do something for her but if the caster will choose not to follow, nothing will happen. This is why the present spell casters, like witches and magicians and the others gifted with these rare powers, are bound by rules commanding them not to do bad spells. There is still an ongoing argument as to where should binding spells be appropriately categorized. However, as previously said, it is entirely the spell caster's decision how she or he will use their powers.

Spells and the Unwritten Laws Surrounding Them
In the other parts of the world, in Egypt particularly, the execution of spells to deliver the people from bad things and turn these into good things are common practice. For them, the words used as accompaniments with the body gestures and positions are very important for the spell to work. They believe that by just mentioning the magic words that they have long come up with, the meanings of those words will happen.

A full-blown spell will derive its strength from how the caster has streamed her energy down, how deep her concentration is, how she has used her body to express what she wants, and how solid her faith is that what she wants will really be realized. The stronger these emotions are, the better the chances are for the spell to work.

Aside from these mental and physical efforts, there are also assisting things and props to hasten the execution of the spells. These are the words recited, the accompanying songs, the appropriate movements, lighted candles, mixed herbs for the caster to better get in the mood. Modern practices of spell casting however adds the concept of marking a circle where the spell caster, the things to be used and the other assisting casters, if there are, should be enclosed.