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Black Magic to Get Your Ex Back

Has your husband gone off with another woman? Have you had a fight with your boyfriend, and do you want him to come back? This spell to get your ex back is what you need to have that help you are looking for.


Spell to get your ex back


My name is Belinda and I am a professional witch. For 40 years I have practiced sorcery and helped people solve their problems. 

If you want your man to come back, the spell that I offer you is one of the most requested by people, since it is really strong. Even if your man is living with another woman who has seduced him, or you have fought for a while, this spell for him to come back is exactly what you were looking for.

In order to cast it, I will ask you to send me his picture, his real name, and your name. This information is confidential and never will be disclosed.

This spell takes 3 days to complete. why? Because it is a ritual that is made up of different steps:


  • The first day I have to set up my altar, arrange the candles, and the elements that represent earth, fire, water, and air. I must also put the Great Goddess in her place.
  • Initiate purification: sacred objects must be purified, and I must purify myself under the moon (the ritual is always performed at night)
  • I must trace the sacred circle of security around my altar.
  • I will print and place the image you have sent me, in the center of my altar.
  • I will write your name and the name of your man on two candles
  • Then comes the invocation, the call to each entity that I know should come to hear the case. This is an important moment, each entity will come only if it is invoked with the correct prayer.
  • I will light the appropriate candles for each deity, and present your case to them.
  • After 3 days of repeating the invocations and prayers, it will be time to close the spell.
  • I will thank each deity for listening and release them in the same order they were invoked.
  • I will remove the photograph from my altar and burn it.
  • I will blow out the candles and bury them in a safe place.


In the end, I will write to tell you how everything went.

With this black magic spell I will invoke gods much more powerful than the regular come back spell, so this ritual takes longer and demands more energy

That is the whole procedure. You may wonder, could there be any side effects? The answer is NO, since I'm a professional, and that the sacred elements are correctly purified.

If you wonder if it will affect you, the answer is that, since I am working with energy and your name will be on one of the candles, it's likely that during those days you feel love, well-being, and a good mood. There are even those who dream about the person they love, while that person is also dreaming. It's amazing how people connect one to each other thanks to this spell.

Once finished, the spell usually manifests itself in a week or two. But keep in mind:


  • Not all people show their love in the same way, there are little demonstrative men who can love you and not show it. The spell seeks that the man wants to be with you but cannot force him to show it.
  • The spell tries to "suggest" the desire to return in another person but does it in a subtle way so he believes that it was his own decision, which is why the spell acts slowly.
  • How will you know if the spell is working? Because he will want to come back to you, but don't expect him to show up at your door with a bouquet of flowers, that only happens in movies.
  • If the man is living with another woman, he will want to leave her and be with you, because that is what I will ask for in the ritual.


Keep in mind that not all men react the same way. Some men don't show any reaction to the dreams and thoughts the spell put in his mind, it is not usual but it is possible. This doesn't mean that the spell does not work, but that he doesn't want to show what he feels. Anyway, I can't rule him like a puppet and force him to call you. Again, men are all different and situations are different, and here my experience is important to guide you in this process.