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All About Magic Spells and Wicca

Wicca and witchcraft are dotted across every corner of the web. As you browse for Wicca, you will always stumble upon spells and magic. This is because magic spells and spell casting are a big part of Wiccans' ritual practices.

All About Magic Spells and Wicca

You might have heard of Wiccan spells for healing, protection, love, fertility, money or success. These examples of positive and good magic are often called the white magic. The opposite of these kinds of spells is black magic. Black magic has been popular since ancient times because it is associated with ultimate power, evil and Satanism.

It is important to know the roots of Wicca to be able to separate the good and bad facts about Wicca.

Wicca is a pagan religion which believes in both gods and goddesses. This belief that is comparable to the Taoist belief in "yin" and "yang", and also Christian beliefs of Jesus and the Devil. The Wiccan god is associated with nature, wilderness, hunting, and sexuality. The goddess is pre-eminent.
Magic and magic spells are part of common Wiccan practices (often called witchcraft or sorcery). Magic is defined as the science and art of causing change through the power of nature and the universe. For Wiccans, magic is a law of nature.

There is no fixed set of ethical codes or guidelines followed by Wiccans; however, virtually all Wiccan practitioners follow the Wiccan Rede. The Wiccan Rede states that "an it harm none, do what ye will." (the first word "an" basically means "if" in old Middle English language). This moral compass helps Wiccas to consider their actions and keep them inline with Wiccan beliefs.

Wiccans also follow the Law of Threefold Return. This is similar to the idea of karma found in Hinduism. Basically the law says that every good or bad deed one person does to another, will return to that person with triple force some time in the future.

Ther are five natural elements in Wiccan traditions, rather than the normal 4 most of us are familiar with. The five elements are Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and the extra one is "Aether" or "spirit". Five different points of a pentagram represent each element, and as such the pentagram is a fundamental shape in Wiccan tradition.
Lastly, Wicca does not follow any particular book like Christianity and the Bible, or Islam and the Koran. One book does exist (The Book of Shadows) but it is just a collection of spells which has been updated and extended over history.