10 Most Useful Ingredients For Magic Spells

Discover the 10 Most Powerful Ingredients for Magic Spells

It can be intimidating trying to build a collection of magical items. It all sounds so expensive! But the truth is, you need very little to do most types of spells. Here is a list of the most useful magical ingredients, and why they are so special!

10 Most Useful Ingredients For Magic Spells

White Candle

White light contains all the colours in the world, so white anything is a great stand in when you don’t have particular colour to hand. If I didn’t enjoy making my own candles, I’d probably never bother buying anything but black and white.

 Black Candle

Black isn’t a ‘colour’ strictly speaking, so I like to have black and white candles. Dark candles are used to break down any barriers, and make a good addition to any spell to break down any blocks preventing the spell from coming to fruition.

Amethyst Crystal

One of the most versatile stones. Amethyst is good for sleep issues, protection, increasing psychic power, basic healing, dream magic, intuition, meditation, inner working and reconciliation with the self.

Quartz Crystal

The cheapest of the self-cleansing stones. Quartz will make make any crystal grid self cleansing and self powered, never needs cleansing, and will happily sit and work away at whatever function you’ve set it to. Which can range from anything to protection, to drawing good things, to cleansing, to gaining power.

Copper Item

Copper has many associations – from protection, to money, to raising energy. You can build a meditation pyramid out of it, use the wire to build tools or jewelry, or you can add it into crystal grids.


Sugar is super important in a lot of witchcraft traditions. It can be used to draw just about anything to you, and due to it’s relationship with money and wealth, is a great cheap addition to money spells.


Whilst salt won’t keep every nasty at bay, it forms the basis of many hexes, curses and protection spells. It is also useful as a protective element by itself, so long as you have enough personal power or powerful ingredients, like crystals or herbs, for it to draw power from. You can also implement sigils so the salt with ‘eat’ the energies or entities it repels, and draw it’s power from them instead.

Pen and Paper

Sigils, symbols and seals all need just a pen and paper to be used. There is an entire world of magic that be utilized with just a pen and paper.


You can use a pin to stab poppets, to carve symbols into candles, and place them into witch bottles to use as protection.


Cinnamon can used in great quantities in many protection spells or hexes. In small amounts, it’s great in love, sex, motivation and money spells.

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