The Art of Positive Magic

If you are a bit spiritual and like to make things - positive things happen - then you likely are into a bit of magic. Each of us loves the art of magic. From the time we are young children dreaming in the fairy tales with the magic of love to the time we begin to grow and experience all the emotions for ourselves. If you are just starting out in the art of magic, then you will want to know the beginning knowledge of casting spells.

The Art of Positive Magic

Magic For Beginners

First, it is necessary that you realize when practicing white magic, you must do so with a pure heart and no negative intentions. It is necessary to only practice for the good of yourself or others. Magic is considered in terms of colors: white and black, with black being dark magic of course and performed for the sake of revenge or to harm someone. White magic is the art of magic that is practiced with good intentions. Both witches and Wicca practice white magic and typically it is cast through prayers, rituals and benevolent spells.

How to Prepare to Cast a White Magic Spell

Many elements are used in casting white magic spells. The phase of the moon, the planetary hour and day, specific materials such as candles, incense, and herbs, your mental concentration and focus all of which will help to cast a more powerful spell. It is important to research and prepare to properly cast each spell.
Once you have practiced spell casting it is likely that you will want to cast your own personalized spell. In order to cast your own white magic spell, you must only harness good energy. You also must pay homage to gods or goddesses in your chant. Incorporate materials that are appropriate for the spell. And, although it is not necessary, you may walk in a circle to enhance the power. Stay focused and harness good energy from both within you and from the universe.

Example of a White Magic Luck Spell

This spell is best cast during a full moon.
Face the moon, and chant the verse below. The amount of luck you need will determine the volume and tempo in which you will chant the verse.
Lady of luck come out of your hidden course.
Bless the mystical power of your light down upon me as the light of the moon shines above me
It is in your light with luck I will be blessed, when the moon is next to be full.

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