Religion Vs Occult

I have always noticed that there was supposed to be a separation of church and state. Well, if religion is not allowed in school then why is Wicca or witchcraft being allowed in schools in the form of a fiction book. Children are being forced to read these witchcraft books. I remember in grade school that one of the parents made their child leave the room when we read "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe." by C.S. Lewis. The witch was always the antagonist, the villain, the bad guy. Now the witch or warlock is the good guy and the protagonist.

Religion Vs Occult

The claim is that "Interview with a Vampire" invited this concept by making an anti-hero or protagonist out of the vampire. Vampires were usually the enemy the bad guy now they are being touted as the heroes. This is confusing the concept of good and evil. If a vampire is just someone drinking blood then it is not that bad, but if a vampire is a demon by choice then perhaps this concept is forcing the reader to like an evil character and root for them. I would prefer to feel sorrow for the villainous character and hope that they find redemption.
Is religion completely absent from modern movies with vampires and witches or is it creating a new religion that distracts away from traditional worship? What is worship? Worship is to give your time, money, love, affection, praise, and to obey the lifestyle choices of a certain faith, obey commandments. Worship in a traditional way would include: giving valuable good or money to the faith (to the poor), singing praise or speaking praise, praying (asking for favors), reading or hearing the rules (the commandments, laws), acknowledging the existence of power greater than yourself (higher power) and remembering self sacrifice.

Worship can be misconstrued for idol worship inadvertently, or by mistake. People that celebrate Christmas think that they have done their part as Christians; for the rest of the year they don't murder, steal, or commit a lot of sexual indiscretion because in the back of their mind they believe that they will get caught and be punished either by the police or just by fate, (God or the angels). This is a generalized belief system that keeps the world from being complete chaos. Religion is the foundation of the civilized world, otherwise no one would obey the law and everything would be in upheaval all the time.

However, so-called Christians are being fooled into liking alternative religion, involving pop culture movies, books and movies. There is always the ancient verse that says in Titus 1:15 that if you have a pure heart then you can see good and purity in everything good intentions. However, if you have a defiled or corrupted heart your view of the world would be defiled and corrupted and you will never see goodness or the good in anything. Those who can see the good in everything are said to have a pure heart in Matthew 5: 4-10.

Ultimately the occult is a belief system that says that you don't need Christianity to be civilized or good nature. The concept of friendship and loyalty is instilled into the occult movies, but where did this concept of good and the concept of evil come from? Really because the movie came from a person raised and educated in Western Civilization. Western Civilization is based on Christian concepts the concept of good and evil must have come from a Christian/secular view of the world.

However, the movie and book producers started with Christian concepts then used witchcraft and hero worship of blood drinking demons to replace the traditional good guys with what used to be considered bad guys (the lesser of two evils). Both characters are traditionally considered evil because they are both witches or vampires. The producers of the books and movies claim that vampires and witches are just misunderstood and made villains when they are really good guys.

The ancient verse says that people will be punished for leaving their first love. Some of these book producers and movie producers started out as traditional Christmas Christians then they decided to give praise or recognition to witchcraft and praise to vampires. If vampires were depicted as Christians that drink blood like the Holy Sacrament or Christians that fell into a bad circumstance then maybe the reader could feel sorry for them and hope that they find a cure for their vampire characteristics. However if the root of vampire characteristics is evil or based in devil worship then it must be vilified and seen as evil no matter who the vampire is. If vampire characteristics represents sin or the consequences of sin and disease then it should not be celebrated it should be treated like a disease or a curse.

Ultimately the focus of the books and movies should be based on a firm Christian concept of good against evil as the basis of the storyline. If the origin of the good is not established as Christian God, of Christmas and Easter, then the origin of good for these books and movies might be assumed to be pagan gods such as the Greeks and the Romans or Wicca gods.
There was another concept of God, that God upgrades himself and updates himself according to popular culture. If popular culture determines where God is present then some people say that God is using these pop culture occult movies and books to reach people and then somehow bring them back to God, which is what I would hope happens in the end.

The appeal of the occult is mysterious, the unexplained is being explained with mysticism. My aim would be to try and explain these unexplained phenomenon with traditional religion. Traditional religion strays away from paranormal phenomenon and ignores it when it should try and offer an explanation. Psychology also has presented itself as a religion with a belief system, with the new god of psychology being Freud or Jung.

Some people claim that God speaks through whoever is the most popular at the time; some people even say that celebrities are messengers of good and these new popular books are approved by a higher power. They claim that Jesus was like a pop star or an popular actor and nothing more than a celebrity with a book out. However, life after death is not promised by celebrities and their books and movies.

Others believe that if the books and movies do not confess their faith and loyalty to their Christian faith in some form like Christmas or Easter or a cross or a prayer in the books and movies then they are not God's messengers. Many people also believe that the most popular books and movies are evil because in Matthew 7:14-16 it says the path to heaven is a narrow path and very few people ever find it. The path to destruction is a broad path and many people follow that path instead.

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