The Magical Properties of the Rowan Tree

The magical properties of the Rowan tree have fascinated people for centuries. This mystical tree, with its slender branches, white flowers, and bright red berries, has an otherworldly look that has long been associated with fairies, protection, and psychic abilities. In Celtic mythology, the Rowan tree was a symbol of death and rebirth, while in the British Isles, it was believed to offer protection from harm and witchcraft.

From its association with the first woman in Norse mythology to its connection with divination and clarity in magical practices, the Rowan tree holds a special place in folklore and mythologies around the world. Discover the enchanting powers of this remarkable tree and unlock its secrets.

The Magical Properties of the Rowan Tree

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Rowan Tree Magical Properties

The Rowan Tree has a multitude of magical properties and has been mentioned in various mythologies. In the lunar Celtic Tree Calendar, the Celtic Tree Month of Rowan is from January 21st to February 17th. The Rowan tree is known for its ability to grow in unlikely places and at high altitudes, adding to its mystical allure. With its slender branches adorned with white flowers and bright red berries, the Rowan tree captivates with its striking appearance. It has long been associated with fairies, protection, the feminine, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Traditional Uses


One traditional use of the Rowan tree is for spindles. The wood of the Rowan tree is often used to carve spindles, which are essential tools in the art of spinning yarn and thread. These spindles are valued for their durability and smoothness, making them a popular choice among spinners.

Stool Handles

Another traditional use of the Rowan tree is for stool handles. The sturdy nature of the Rowan wood makes it ideal for crafting stool handles that can withstand daily use. The addition of a Rowan wood handle not only adds a touch of beauty to the stool but also ensures its longevity.

Spinning Wheels

The Rowan tree also finds its place in the world of spinning wheels. Many spinning wheels feature parts made from Rowan wood, such as the wheel hub or the pegs. These components not only enhance the functionality of the spinning wheel but also add a touch of magic to the spinning process.

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Magical Uses

Divination Runes

The Rowan tree is often associated with divination and is believed to possess the power to aid in the interpretation of symbols and signs. Its branches have been used to carve runes, which are then used for divination purposes. The Rowan runes are said to amplify one's intuition and provide insights into the future.


One of the most well-known magical properties of the Rowan tree is its ability to offer protection. It is believed that hanging Rowan branches or placing Rowan berries in a space can ward off negative energies and protect against malevolent spirits. The Rowan's protective energy is so revered that it has been used for centuries as a talisman or amulet for personal protection.


The Rowan tree is often associated with meditation and is believed to enhance the meditative experience. Sitting near or under a Rowan tree can create a peaceful and calming ambiance, allowing for a deeper connection with oneself. The Rowan's serene energy is thought to help clear the mind, promote relaxation, and facilitate a meditative state.


In addition to its calming properties, the Rowan tree is also believed to aid in mental clarity and focus. Burning Rowan wood or using Rowan essential oil during rituals or spellwork can help sharpen the mind and increase concentration. The Rowan's energy is said to dispel confusion and bring about mental clarity, making it a valuable tool for those seeking wisdom and insight.


The Rowan tree is often associated with inspiration and creativity. Its vibrant presence and connection to the fairy realm are believed to ignite a spark of inspiration within individuals. Being in the presence of a Rowan tree or utilizing Rowan products, such as incense or oils, can help stimulate the creative flow and unlock hidden potential.

Fairy Magic

The Rowan tree has a long-standing association with fairies and is believed to be a gateway to the fairy realm. It is said that fairies are particularly attracted to Rowan trees and that they have the power to enhance one's connection to these magical beings. Hanging Rowan branches or wearing Rowan charms can serve as an invitation for fairies to enter one's life and bring their enchanting energy.

Other Names

Mountain Ash

Delight of the Eye


Sorb Apple

Witch Wiggin




The Magical Properties of the Rowan Tree

Mythological References

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the Rowan tree has intriguing ties to a stolen cup. Hebe, the cup-bearer for the gods, possessed a magical cup that was stolen by demons. The gods sent an eagle to retrieve the cup, resulting in a battle with the demons. During the battle, the eagle lost feathers and shed blood. From these feathers and blood sprouted Rowan trees with leaves shaped like feathers and berries the color of blood.

British Isles Mythology

In British Isles mythology, the Rowan tree was believed to offer protection from harm and witchcraft. It was seen as a powerful talisman that could ward off evil and bring good fortune. Many homes and individuals sought the protective energies of the Rowan tree to safeguard themselves against negative influences.

Celtic Mythology

In Celtic mythology, the Rowan tree holds deep symbolism related to death and rebirth. It was considered one of the nine sacred trees that were burned during Beltane, a festival marking the beginning of summer. The burning of Rowan wood during this festival symbolized purification and new beginnings. Additionally, Rowan branches were hung in homes for protection, and the tree was planted in cemeteries to safeguard the deceased from evil spirits.

Norse and Nordic Mythology

In Norse and Nordic mythology, the Rowan tree plays a significant role in various stories. It is said that the first woman was created from a Rowan tree, highlighting the tree's connection to life and creation. Additionally, the Rowan tree was instrumental in Thor's rescue when he was trapped in the Underworld. A Rowan tree bent over a river, allowing Thor to grab hold and free himself. There are also mentions of Rowan trees growing in unusual places, such as out of other older trees or rock crevices. These "flying Rowans" were believed to possess extraordinary power due to never having touched the ground.

Magical Manuals

For those interested in delving deeper into the magical properties and uses of the Rowan tree, various magical manuals offer guidance and knowledge. These manuals provide detailed instructions on rituals, spells, and practices that incorporate the Rowan tree's energy. Exploring these manuals can further enhance one's understanding of the Rowan's magical potential and how to harness its power.

In conclusion, the Rowan tree is a fascinating and enchanting tree with a rich history of magical properties and associations. From its appearance and traditional uses to its significance in mythologies across different cultures, the Rowan tree continues to captivate and inspire. Whether utilized for divination, protection, meditation, or connecting with fairy energy, the Rowan tree offers a wealth of magical possibilities to those who seek its guidance and power.

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