Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering

Step into the mysterious world of ancient spells with "Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering." In this captivating article, you will discover the secrets behind a spell known as "Invoke Death," which taps into the forces of the divine to bring harm upon a specific individual.

Unveiling the intricate steps and ingredients required, this spell aims to inflict suffering and pain rather than guaranteeing a fatal outcome. From the strategic timing under the midnight sky to the visualization of the target's demise, this spell encompasses a variety of elements to channel darkness and negativity.

So, prepare yourself to explore the depths of this potent ritual and unlock the hidden power of summoning death.

Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering

Discover more about the Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering.

Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering


Welcome to the mysterious world of spellcasting. In this article, we will explore the powerful and potentially dangerous spell known as "Invoke Death." Please keep in mind that while this spell can cause suffering and pain to a targeted individual, it is not guaranteed to result in the person's death. As with any form of magic, ethical considerations and responsibility are of utmost importance.

Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering

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Requirements for the Spell

To perform the "Invoke Death" spell, you will need the following items:

  • Black Candles: These candles are important for invoking the darkness and negativity required for the spell.
  • Small Bowl: A small bowl is needed to collect the ashes and wax to create the potion.
  • Water: Water is used in combination with the ashes, wax, and herbs to create the potion.
  • Quill or Red Pen: This writing instrument will be used to inscribe the target's birth name on a small piece of paper.
  • Small Piece of Paper: This paper will hold the target's birth name and will be burned during the spell.
  • Rose: The rose symbolizes suffering and will be used to channel negativity and darkness.
  • Lavender: Lavender will be used in the potion to enhance its properties.
  • Jasmine Oil: This oil is an essential ingredient for the potion and adds its unique energy to the spell.
  • Full Moon: The spell is most effective when performed during a full moon, as it amplifies the energy and power behind the spell.

Preparing for the Spell

Before you dive into spellcasting, it is crucial to choose a suitable time for the ritual. The "Invoke Death" spell is best performed at night, closer to midnight. This time frame enhances the mystical energy and connections to the darker forces. Additionally, it is essential to ensure you are well-rested before casting the spell. Adequate rest allows you to replenish your energy and focus, leading to a more effective spellcasting experience.

Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering

Performing the Spell

  1. Lighting the Candles: Begin by lighting the black candles. As the flames flicker, visualize the darkness surrounding you and the power you are about to invoke.

  2. Meditating and Clearing the Mind: Take a moment to center yourself through meditation. Clear your mind of any distractions and focus solely on the task at hand.

  3. Anointing Oneself: Anoint yourself on the forehead, throat, heart, abdomen, and feet with jasmine oil. Each application should symbolize the connection between your body and the elements.

  4. Writing the Target's Birth Name: Using the quill or red pen, write the birth name of the person you wish to cause suffering upon on the small piece of paper. Take a moment to visualize their face and focus on your intent.

  5. Using the Rose: Take the rose in your hand and gently rub the written name with the petals. As you do this, imagine the suffering and pain befalling the target. Let the rose absorb the darkness and negativity.

  6. Visualizing the Target's Suffering and Death: While looking at the candle flame, close your eyes and visualize the target experiencing intense suffering and ultimately meeting their end. Engage all your senses to create a vivid mental image.

  7. Reciting the Incantation: Open your eyes and recite the incantation:

    "By the power of the ancient and mortal realms, I summon the forces of Death to cause (target's name) suffering. Darkness and pain shall befall (target's name), As I cast this spell, may their light begin to dim."

Channeling Darkness and Negativity

  1. Focusing on the Candle Flame: Stare deeply into the flame of the black candles. Feel the darkness and negativity resonating within you.
  2. Channeling Negativity and Darkness into the Rose: Direct your focus and energy towards the rose in your hand. Imagine all the negativity and darkness flowing from your body into the rose, intensifying its power.

Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering

Burning the Paper and Rose

  1. Burning the Paper and Rose in the Candle Flame: Holding the small piece of paper and rose over the candle flame, slowly burn them. As they turn to ash and smoke, visualize that darkness spreading through the air, carrying your intent with it.
  2. Channeling Darkness and Negativity: While the paper and rose burn, focus on channeling the darkness and negativity towards your target. Feel the strength of your emotions fueling the spell and propelling it towards its intended purpose.

Creating the Potion

  1. Collecting Ashes, Wick, and Melted Wax: Gather the ashes, candle wick, and melted wax from the burned paper and rose.
  2. Placing the Ashes, Wick, and Wax in the Bowl: Carefully place the collected ashes, wick, and wax into the small bowl. Each element represents the energy and power used in the spell.
  3. Adding Jasmine Oil and Lavender: Sprinkle a few drops of jasmine oil and a pinch of lavender into the bowl. These ingredients will infuse the potion with their properties, enhancing its effectiveness.

Summoning Death: A Powerful Spell for Causing Suffering

Final Steps

  1. Kneeling Down and Closing the Eyes: Kneel down, hold the bowl above your head, and close your eyes. This position allows you to ground yourself and connect with the higher forces.
  2. Holding the Bowl Above the Head: As you hold the bowl, focus on the energy and power it contains. Visualize it glowing with a dark radiance.
  3. Clearing the Mind: Take a moment to clear your mind completely. Be open to receiving any messages or guidance from the deities and higher forces.
  4. Leaving the Bowl Outside and Pouring Next to a Tree: After one minute of holding the bowl, take it outside, and place it under the moonlight. Leave it there overnight, allowing the spell's energy to blend with the moon's energy. The next morning, pour the potion next to a tree, symbolizing the connection between life and death.


The "Invoke Death" spell is a powerful and potentially dangerous ritual that requires great responsibility and ethical considerations. While this spell can cause suffering and pain to the targeted individual, it is essential to remember that it is not guaranteed to result in their death. As practitioners of magic, it is our moral duty to use our abilities responsibly and consider the potential consequences of our actions. Always approach spellcasting with respect, intention, and an understanding of the ethical implications involved.

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