Free Interactive Relationship Reading: Heart-to-Heart Conversations

Heart-to-Heart Conversations

You have selected the ‘heart to heart conversations’ card from the Romance Angels Oracle Deck.  The Angels are letting you know that this is the time to honestly discuss your feelings with your partner. Honest communication is healthy and you are asked to infuse more of this into your current relationship.

You may have been holding back, harboring emotions, or masking your true feelings. There is still time for you to change things and heal the issues that concern you, but it will mean making the effort to share exactly how you feel in a calm, honest, and open way.

This may mean starting an uncomfortable conversation or risking upsetting your partner at first, but it is necessary to get things out into the open so that you can heal the relationship and see it reach further heights.

If you are unable to communicate with your partner at all about how you feel, it may be time to look at getting the help of a relationship counselor whom can then steer the conversation away from things like blame so that you can find resolution.

Your heart-to-heart conversations will bring growth, not just for you personally but also for the relationship. You may not be able to control each other’s decisions and behavior, but you can share how you experience things in order to give your partner a clearer view of what is needed for you both to be happier.

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