Hag Stones: The Earth's Natural Amulet and Its Mystical Properties

Imagine holding in your hand a truly magical object, a stone with a naturally occurring hole. That's what a Hag Stone is, and it's believed to be highly powerful and protective. These stones, also known as Adder Stones, Celtic Stones, Witch Stones, and more, are worn to ward off negativity and evil, and are even used in fairy magic and spirit work. The triangular shape of this particular Hag Stone enhances its magical properties, associated with manifestation and strength. Measuring 3 inches long at the base and weighing 61g, it would be a stunning addition to any sea witch or fairy witch collection, or a beautiful talisman or amulet.

Hag Stone: Large 3.5", 61g

Hag Stone: Large 3.5, 61g

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Have you ever come across a peculiar rock with natural holes in it? If you have, you might have stumbled upon a hag stone. These stones, also known by various names such as Adder Stones, Celtic Stones, Witch Stones, Fairy Stones, Holey Stones, and Odin Stones, are believed to possess immense magical properties. In this article, we will explore what exactly hag stones are, their magical properties, and specifically delve into the intriguing characteristics of the Large 3.5", 61g Hag Stone.

What is a Hag Stone?

A hag stone is simply a rock that has naturally occurring holes in it. These holes are typically formed over time due to the constant rush of water over and through the rock. This gradual process carves out holes in the stone, leading to its unique appearance. Hag stones have been revered for centuries and are associated with many different myths and legends.

Various Names for Hag Stones

Hag stones are known by several names, each reflecting a different aspect of their magical nature. Adder Stones, as the name suggests, are believed to protect against snake bites. Celtic Stones are associated with the ancient Celtic cultures, which held them in high regard for their protective properties. Witch Stones, on the other hand, are worn as a form of protection against negativity, hexes, and evil. Fairy Stones are closely linked to folklore and are said to grant glimpses into the fairy world and other realms. Holey Stones and Odin Stones are names that also highlight the unique appearance and mystical aura of these artifacts.

Hag Stone: Large 3.5, 61g

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Magical Properties of Hag Stones

Hag stones are believed to possess various magical properties that make them highly sought after by practitioners of witchcraft and those interested in spirituality. One of the most notable attributes of hag stones is their ability to provide protection against negative energies and hexes. They are thought to act as a shield, keeping the wearer safe from harm and deterring malevolent forces.

Hag Stones for Protection

If you are looking to enhance your personal protection, a hag stone can be a powerful tool in your spiritual arsenal. By wearing or carrying a hag stone, you can create a shield of energy around yourself, preventing negative influences from infiltrating your aura. It is said that hag stones also possess the ability to absorb negative energy, cleansing your space and promoting a sense of harmony and balance.

Hag Stones in Fairy Magic

Fairy magic has long held a fascination for many, and hag stones play a significant role in this mystical realm. It is believed that looking through the hole of a hag stone can grant a glimpse into the fairy world and other ethereal dimensions. This connection with the fairy realm makes hag stones ideal for working with fairy energy and incorporating it into your magical practices.

Triangular Shape of the Hag Stone

The Large 3.5", 61g Hag Stone stands out among its counterparts due to its unique triangular shape. Triangles hold great significance in the realm of magic and mysticism. They are associated with manifestation and strength, making this particular hag stone a truly remarkable piece to add to your collection. Harnessing the power of the triangle, this stone can aid in manifesting your desires and bolstering your inner strength.

Physical Characteristics of the Hag Stone

In addition to its distinctive triangular shape, the Large 3.5", 61g Hag Stone possesses other mesmerizing physical characteristics. Measuring 3 inches long at the base of the triangle and 1 inch wide at the tip, it offers a substantial size to work with and admire. This hag stone features one hole near the top, providing a portal through which you can connect with the magical energies it holds. Weighing an impressive 61g, this stone exudes a sense of solidity and stability.

Uses for the Large 3.5", 61g Hag Stone

The Large 3.5", 61g Hag Stone boasts versatility in its uses. Whether you are a sea witch or a fairy witch, this stone can be a valuable addition to your magical tools. As a collector, this hag stone's unique triangular shape, substantial size, and powerful energy make it an enchanting talisman or amulet to adorn your sacred space. Its protective properties serve as a constant reminder of the shield it provides, ensuring a positive and harmonious environment.


Hag stones, with their natural holes and rich history, have captivated the imaginations of many for centuries. From their various names to their magical properties, these stones are truly a fascinating subject. The Large 3.5", 61g Hag Stone stands out among its counterparts due to its triangular shape and other physical features. Its unique appearance, coupled with its protective and mystical attributes, make it a worthwhile addition to any witch or collector's repertoire.

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